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We are Canned Customs: a state of the art clothing brand developed to bring you an experience that goes beyond buying a cool shirt (although our exclusive oversized tee with back print is pretty sweet). As curious travellers we love to see the world and track down it’s secrets. Every city, mountain, sea or region has a new tale to tell. We are eager to reveal the worlds mysteries and share them with you. 

We offer customized clothing that has its own story to tell and will let you uncover some of the mysteries the world around us has to offer. It is our goal to discover new adventures and let you experience them through our clothing.

We value the offer of unique fashion and therefore produce each of our editions in small numbers. In this way you are assured of a true work of art. Interested in our exclusive clothing? Take a look in our shop and find the story that suits you.

We offer the baddest oversized tee with back print...


We are all about finding epic stories and sharing them through our products. Each print on our exclusive clothing has a new tale to tell. To offer you a one of a kind experience we ship our fashion in customized casing. For our iconic oversized tee with back print this is a can. Each can includes your product as well as a written story connected to the style of your product. It are these stories that inspire us to create the outstanding and striking designs for our unique fashion. By wearing and experiencing our products we hope to inspire you to discover and create new stories of your own…